Project Updates: Sergeant Bluff, IA

AGP’s Sergeant Bluff, IA facility continues with extensive investments in plant upgrades and expansions. CEO Keith Spackler, COO Cal Meyer, and Senior Vice President, Operations, Mark Craigmile traveled to Sgt. Bluff to see first-hand the exciting progress at the facility.

A new soybean conditioner recently came on line at the Sergeant Bluff soybean processing plant. From left to right: Cal Meyer, COO; Keith Spackler, CEO; Travis Robinson, Soy Operations Manager; Kelly Croghan, Biodiesel Plant Operations Manager; and Mark Craigmile, Senior Vice President, Operations.

Construction of a new soybean oil refinery at AGP’s facility at Sergeant Bluff, IA is making excellent progress. The photo shows equipment being installed in the refinery process building. On the right side of the photo is a partially constructed deodorizer, which produces RBD (refined, bleached, and deodorized) oil used in salad oil products. Next to the deodorizer are vertical filters. On the left side of the photo are product storage tanks. The project is on schedule for completion in the spring of 2017.

CEO Keith Spackler (right), inspects the progress of the new soybean oil refinery at Sergeant Bluff, IA. At left is Travis Robinson, Soy Plant Operations Manager and Kelly Croghan (center), Biodiesel Plant Operations Manager.

Expansion of AGP’s biodiesel plant is another major project slated at Sergeant Bluff, IA. AGP built the plant in 1996 and it was the nation’s first commercial-scale biodiesel facility in the United States. The facility has been expanded throughout the last two decades.  The recently announced biodiesel expansion will nearly double the current production capacity of 30 million gallons annually at the site and create new jobs and market opportunities in the region.