Soybean Processing

Soybean processing is AGP’s primary business. AGP is the largest cooperative soybean processor in the world. The cooperative is also the largest soybean processor in Iowa (the leading state in soybean production) and the fourth largest soybean processor in the United States.

We operate nine soybean processing plants located in four Midwestern states.

  • Iowa (Eagle Grove, Emmetsburg, Manning, Mason City, Sergeant Bluff, Sheldon)
  • Minnesota (Dawson)
  • Missouri (St. Joseph)
  • Nebraska (Hastings)

Soybeans are processed into two primary products: soybean meal, which is used as animal feed, and crude soybean oil, which is further processed and utilized in the food sector and industrial uses including biodiesel.

Each day, AGP processes over 16,000 acres of soybeans. Each month, AGP plants purchase more than 20 million bushels of soybeans for processing.  AGP annually purchases and processes more than 5.5 million acres of U.S. soybeans.