AGP provides a full complement of agronomy services and products with one goal in mind: Helping our customers grow the best crops possible.  We do this farm-by-farm and one customer at a time, with experienced staff members who understand the unique needs of each customer.


As crop protection technology becomes increasingly complex, AGP trains throughout the year to stay abreast of new and improved chemistry available through modern crop protection products. This provides our customers with accurate information on their use, benefits, and limitations.

AGP offers a broad inventory of the herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and other products you need.


Fertilizer allows AGP to help improve your production by restoring nutrients to your soil. AGP offers anhydrous ammonia, liquid fertilizers in the form of 28-0-0, 32-0-0, 10-34-0 and special blends.

Service Locations: Ayr, Cowles, Roseland and Rosemont.


AGP is the one-stop shop for all your seed needs.


•    Asgrow/Dekalb
•    Cropland by Winfield
•    Dow
•    Fontanelle
•    Monsanto
•    Mycogen
•    NK
•    Syngenta

Service Locations: Ayr, Anan, Chester, Cowles, Fairfield, Hastings, Muriel, Roseland and Rosemont

State-of-the-Art Seed Treater Location:  Ayr


AGP’s experienced agronomy staff and operations personnel are focused on providing products and service in a timely and effective manner.

Custom Application Services include row crop and floater application of liquid, dry and micronutrients. Foliar products and extended release nitrogen can be applied in crop. Liquid fertilizer injection machines are available for rent. Crop scouting, tissue sampling and soil sampling can also be provided.